Readme for HW#3 [CMPUT 466 / 551 ]

To submit your solutions:

  • For Questions 1-2, 4, 5(b,c,d,e), 6, 7{The comparison part,b}, 8-9: submit in paper form to the course assignment drop box (on the first floor of CSC). Please ensure that your name, login, and student ID are written on your assignment.

  • For Questions 3, 5(a), 7(a,c,d): First zip your codes and figures into a single file, then email that file to
    (Be sure to watch the newsgroup for possible further directions.)
    You will need to use the code in ZIP file.

    Question 3


    You should hand in:


    Question 5


    You should hand in:

    Question 7

    You should hand in: