Introduction to Machine Learning

Computing Science 466 / 551
Fall Semester, 2009

Lecture Notes

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70% assignments; 30% project
Di for "Dry lab only" (no coding)
Cj for "Dry lab + Coding"
Pk for "Project related"

              Assignment % (Ugrad) % (Grad)
      Due date
Bayesian Decision Theory, Linear Regression, Linear Classifiers
[HTF: 1, 2, 3, 4]
(Gabor marked Q3-Q8; Shahab marked {Q1,Q2,Q9}.)
80 [20] 100 [20] 6 Oct 09
(start of class)
P1              Project Proposals due     6 Oct 09
(start of class)
Linear Algebra, Dual Formulation, Lagrange Multiplier, Kernel Methods, SVMs
HTF: Ch 5.8, 12 (esp 12.3) + other readings
116 [20] 162 [20] 3 Nov 09
(Start of class)
P2          "Lay of the Land" presentations     18/Nov
Gaussian Processes, Artificial Neural Nets (+ Line Search, Conjugate Gradient), Decision Tree; Ensemble Methods
HTF: Ch 10 (8.7, 16), 11 + [WebBook](esp Chapter 2)
99 [20] 113 [20] 24 Nov 09
PAC learning, Belief Networks, EM/Gibbs/..., PCA/ICA/ISA 55 [10] 55 [10] 3 Dec 09
P3        "Final" presentations     1, 3/Dec 09
P4        Project write-up     17 Dec 09

Project (both Grad/Undergrad) (30%)

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    Late Policy: Every component of the Project must be handed in on time ; no late components will be accepted.

    For the assignments, we will excuse a total of 4 "late days".

    Notice a "day" typically corresponds to a week-day; the HW must be handed in by the specified time of that day. If you run out of your 4 "extension-days", we will not accept any other late HWs. (Note that handing in any portion of your homework late counts as "1" in your late-assignment count.)

    Code of Student Behavior  Collaboration Policy

    Lab Policy

    The labs will only be used occasionally:
  • In the week immediately before each HW is due
  • Perhaps to give tutorials on some topics (eg, Matlab, Weka, ...).
  • In an ad-hoc basis, depending on student demand

    Office Hours:

  • 2:00-2:30pm, TTh (after class)
  • by arrangement (492-5461, <?php (include [466] in the subject line); see also

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