Javier Sales-Ortiz, (2021-2024), MSc Student, MSc Thesis: "Efficient Procurement and Trading of Electric Vehicle Charging Flexibility"

Tianyu Zhang (2019-2023), PhD Thesis: "Data-Enabled Optimization of Building Operations"
→ Autodesk Research

Afia Afrin, (2021-2023), MSc Student, MSc Thesis: "On Adversarial Robustness of Data-Driven State Estimation Techniques"
→ PhD Student at the University of Alberta

Aakash Krishna, (2021-2023), MSc Student, MSc Thesis: "Policy Selection for Transfer Learning in the Building Control Domain"

Hadi Rouhani (2020-2023, with Petr Musilek), MSc Thesis: "A Data-Driven Robust Optimization Approach for Sizing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations"

Saidur Rahman (2020-2022), MSc Thesis: "Design and Optimal Operation of a Virtual Power Plant with Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Chargers"

Xinlei (Ray) Chen (2019-2021), MSc Thesis: "Data Efficient Solar Disaggregation with Behind-the-meter Energy Resources"
→ BrainBox AI

Alireza Goli (2018-2021, with Hamzeh Khazaei), MSc Thesis: "Improving the Performance and Availability of Microservice-Based Cloud Applications"

Omid Hajihassani (2019-2020, with Hamzeh Khazaei), MSc Thesis: "Learning Representations for Anonymizing Sensor Data in IoT Applications"

Monir Hossain (2018-2020, with Hamzeh Khazaei), MSc Thesis: "Toward Interpretable Personas for Banking Customers"

Leepakshi Bindra (2018-2020, with Eleni Stroulia), MSc Thesis: "Smart Contracts for Building Access Control"

Abdullah Al Zishan (2018-2020), MSc Thesis: "On the Control of Electric Vehicle Charging in the Smart Grid"

Katie Tran (Summer 2018), MSc (course-based)

Madi Zhanbyrtayev (2017-2020, with Ioanis Nikolaidis), MSc Thesis: "A Framework for Associating Mobile Devices to Individuals Based on Identification of Motion Events"

Baihong Qi (2017-2019), MSc Thesis: "Learning to Control Home Batteries in the Smart Grid"

Tianyu Zhang (2017-2019), MSc Thesis: "Building Occupancy and Thermal Modelling in the Wild"
→ PhD Student at the University of Alberta