The Amazons-playing Program Arrow2

This Amazons program was developed at the University of Alberta, Canada. It is UCT based with simulation cutoffs, and is written in C++ based on the Fuego framework. This program is the result of efforts from Martin Müller, Gabriel Van Eyck, Jiaxing Song, Daniel Huntley, and Rick Valenzano.

Also see the general Amazons page.

Arrow2 plays on LittleGolem, a turn-based server. Its score as of November 14, 2012 is 76 wins 14 losses. It has beaten several highly ranked human players, but also suffered a number of bad losses exposing weaknesses in its opening play.

Arrow2 at the LittleGolem Championships

2015 update: Unfortunately, Arrow's LittleGolem interface is currently broken, after a change to the server. It timed out in all games in without playing a single move.

32th Amazons Championship, top division

Feb - June 2014: It looks like the top humans have figured out Arrow 2's weaknesses. 3 wins 5 losses this time. See

31th Amazons Championship, top division

Aug - Nov 2013: Arrow 2, unchanged from the last tournament, could not repeat its victory, and lost 3 games this time. See

30th Amazons Championship, top division

Mar - Jun 2013: Arrow 2 won, the 30th top division championship on LittleGolem. Top-ranked player JJ10 withdrew from the event. Arrow lost only one game, against mungo.

29th Amazons Championship, top division

Oct 2012 - Mar 2013: Arrow 2 took fourth place in, the 29th top division championship on LittleGolem. It beat top players - Kisoul, p_a_k_o and mungo, but also lost four games.

See the game Arrow2 vs Kisoul for a good win, and Arrow2 vs cutecat for a bad loss.

28th Amazons Championship, second division

Jun - Sep 2012: Arrow 2 played and took second place in, a second division championship on LittleGolem. It thereby qualified for the top division.

Arrow2 at the 2011 Olympiad

At the 2011 Olympiad, the new Arrow2, enhanced with move groups, won a Bronze medal. It won a game from Silver medalist 8QP. It still has some weaknesses in its opening play, deriving from its ancient evaluation function. The program can fight well if it survives the opening phase.

Created: Nov 14, 2012 Last modified: May 18, 2015

Martin Müller