Research Interests:
  • 3D Modeling and Simplification in Computer Graphics and Computer Vision
  • Scientific Visualization and Analysis of N-dimensional Data
  • Perceptual Analysis of Level-of-detail (LOD) and Texture Scaling, and in particular Research on Just-Noticeable-Different and Scale Space
  • Multimedia Transmission of 3D Models and Motion Capture Data, including Packet Loss issues
  • Quality of Experience in Multimedia Communications
  • Technology-Enhanced Online Learnig, Teaching and Assessment
  • Human Computer Interaction guided by Smart Perception, e.g. skeletal and depth recognition
  • Medical Imaging and Surgical Training

   Irene Cheng, PhD, SMIEEE

     Scientific Director, Multimedia Research Center (MRC)

     Adjunct Professor, Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta

     Program Director, Master with Specialization in Multimedia, University of Alberta

     Multimedia Research Centre

     (MRC, AMMI & SSRL 2015 lunar year gathering)

     Computing Science Center (CSC 2-25)
     Tel: (780) 492-8028
     Department of Computing Science
     University of Alberta
     114St. - 89 Av. Edmonton Alberta, Canada T6G 2E8

     Brief CV

     Office: Computing Science Center CSC 2-61
     Email: locheng[at sign]      Phone: (780) 492-6693 Fax: (780) 492-1071


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Research Visits:

TCL Research America
San Jose (Jul 2014)

Hong Kong University of
Science and Technology
(Oct 2010).
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Centre de Realitat Virtual
Barcelona, Spain (May 2010).
La Salle,
Barcelona, Spain
(Oct 2008/May 2009).
Computational Vision and Robotics Lab.,
FORTH - HELLAS, Institute of Computer Science
(May, Oct 2008).
University of California,
Riverside Campus
Computing Science Dept.
(May 2004).
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai India,
Computing Science Dept.
(Dec 2004).
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia USA,
Computing and Information Science
(Oct 2006/Feb 2007).

Professional Activities:

Faculty of Graduate Study & Research
Alumni Reunion Open House Forum Presentation
October 2, 2004

Faculty of Graduate Study & Research
Professional Development for Graduate Students Discussion Panel
September 19, 2008


Multimedia Research Group Website


Multimedia Research Projects


(2009 - 2015):
  • 3D Graphics and Animations with 3DS Max (CMPUT307/2009 pilot CMPUT399).
           Student Projects

  • Computing Sci Topic: Ground Truth Delineation in 3D for Medical Applications (CMPUT605) 2015W
  • Computing Sci Topic: Gesture and Motion Detection using Smart Sensors (CMPUT605) 2014F
  • Computing Sci Topic: 3D TexMesh Quality Evaluation Methodology (CMPUT605) 2013F
  • Computing Sci Topic: Brain White Matter Detection & Evaluation (CMPUT605) 2012W
  • Computing Sci Topic: Skeleton-Based Evaluation for LOD and Animation (CMPUT605) 2010W.
  • Computing Sci Topic: Education Application on iPhone (CMPUT396 A3) 2009F.
  • Computing Sci Topic: 3D Character Animation using Motion Capture Data (CMPUT399 T1) 2009 Spring.
  • Computing Sci Topic: 3D Model Simplication and Quality Evaluation based on Skeleton-Driven Statistics (cMPUT399 T2) 2009 Spring
  • Introduction to Digital Image Processing (CMPUT 206) 2008W.
  • Multimedia Technologies – 3D Online Multimedia (CMPUT414) 2007W
  • Digital Image Processing with Photoshop (CMPUT299) 2007W
  • Topics in Multimedia (3D Online Games) (CMPUT414) 2006W
  • 3D Digital Media Computation & Visualization (CMPUT498) 2006W
  • Online 3D Multimedia (CMPUT604) 2006W

  • International Students Program, (Dec 2005 - Feb 2006):
  • Java3D Programming and Content Creation (CMPUT498) - Introduction to 3D Textured Mesh and Content Creation (In collaboration with Andong University, S. Korea)

           Int'l Students Program Website

  • Students/ Researchers/ Visiting Scholars

    Visiting Scholars/ Research Assistants Supervision

    As the Scientific Director of the Multimedia Research Centre, one major responsibility is to supervise and train highly qualified personnel (HQP), including graduates and undergraduates as well as research assistants and visiting scholars. Since 2006, I have supervised or co-supervised over forty HQP. Most of them worked as researchers for the CROME Online/Mobile Multimedia Education Project and a number have since joined industries including City of Edmonton, Aptina (San Jose), Pixelstorms Entertainment Studios (Los Angeles), Bioware (Edmonton), Microsoft (Redmond), SAS (North Carolina), Sols Systems (New York), Octagon Research (Pennsylvania) GREE International (Vancouver), Orion Health (Edmonton) and Smart Technology (Calgary). I have also supervised five visiting scholars from China, Brazil and Mexico in 2013-2014. Another two scholars came from Mexico in September 2014 and Feb 2015 respectively.

    Supervisor or co-Supervisor of Graduated students:

    MSc Sep 2014 – Feng Chen (DataGardens Inc. Edmonton)
    MSc Jun 2014 – Mahsa Mohammadkhani
    PhD Jun 2014 – Amirhossein Firouzmanesh (DataGardens Inc. Edmonton)
    PhD Apr 2013 – Tao Xu
    PhD Jul 2012 plus Postdoc till May 2014 – Rui Shen (Senior Imaging Scientist, Aptina Imaging, San Jose)
    PhD Jul 2012 – Hossein Azari (Senior Software Developer, DataGardens Inc, Edmonton)
    MSc Jan 2012 – Abhishek Sen (Computer Vision Engineer, Sols Systems, New York)
    MSc Jul 2011 – Liang Shi (Associate iOS Engineer, GREE International, Inc, Vancouver)
    PhD Jan 2010 – Tao Wang (SAS Inc., North Carolina, USA/ previous: Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre, BCCA, Vancouver)
    MSc Dec 2009 continuing PhD – Nathaniel Rossol
    MSc Jan 2009 – Saul Rodriguez (Game Programmer, Pixelstorm Entertainment Studios, Los Angeles)
    PhD Sep 2008 – Lihang Ying (IT Enterprise Architecture & Planning, City of Edmonton)

    Supervisor Committee or Examiner of students:

    MSc Yuchen Wang Sep 2014 – “Tangible Educational Game for Pre-school Children”
    PhD candidate AmirAli Sharifi (candidacy Feb 2014) – “Enhancing Perception Using Direct Volume Rendering”
    MSc Kyrylo Shegeda, Jan 2014 – “A GPU-Based Framework for Real-time Viewpoint Television”
    MSc Garret Hunter, Aug 2013 – “Gesture Recognition Using Hidden Markou Models, Dynamic Time Warping, and Geometric Template Matching”
    PhD Xingdong Yang Aug 2013 – “Blurring the boundary between direct and indirect input shared environments”
    PhD Matthew Hamilton Mar 2013 – “Realtime time-warped multiscale signal processing for scientific visualization”
    PhD candidate Noura Alsufyani (candidacy Jun 2013) – “Evaluation of anatomic surgical outcomes in children with sleep disordered breathing using cone beam computed tomography”
    PhD candidate Qiong (Emily) Wu (candidacy Dec 2012) – “Automatic creation of personalized interactive avatar”

    Previous Industrial Experience: