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Joseph Culberson.

This page is an on-going project to provide graph coloring resources. Please email joe@cs.ualberta.ca with suggestions for additional links and information.


Graph Coloring Bibliography

Herein is a bibliography of papers, reports etc. in bibtex format which are related to graph coloring and clique finding. The main emphasis is on vertex coloring, and in particular on algorithms for obtaining vertex colorings.

I wish to thank all those who sent me notices and information used in the bibliography. Special acknowledgement to Loretta Bogert-O'Brien who spent many hours chasing down and entering obscure references.

This bibliography is no longer being updated. Search is no longer supported.

Graph Coloring Programs

These links lead to source code for coloring graphs.

Graph Generator Programs

My intention is to provide several graph generators that will support empirical research into the characteristics of various coloring algorithms. Thus, I want generators that will exhibit variations of various characteristics of graphs, such as degree (expectation and variation), hidden colorings, girth, edge distributions etc.

Also included is the clique hiding generator developed with Mark Brockington.

Links to Other Sites

Here are a few links to other sites with graph coloring resources.

Other Coloring Links

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