Tom Swift Sr., pointers to on-line resources

Mrs. Wilkie's Haggis recipe

Bill and Rose's Web Page (including the World's Greatest 19-cribbage Tournament)

brother Rick's real estate appraisal company, Fremont, California 94538

Steph Schaeffer's embroidery and sewing

Johanne Morin's drawings

Transcona Pipe band website

Western Safety Sign (Winnipeg) (David Bihun)

January'2002 departmental trip to Jasper

  • photos by Dan Lizotte
  • photos by Yngvi Bjornsson

    House-hunting in Edmonton

  • MLS listings for Edmonton - search engine

  • Student union housing registry - search engine
  • FOLIO, U. of A. newsletter
  • Edmonton Journal - near U of A
  • Edmonton Journal - all areas
  • Homefinders (want fee)
  • Edmonton Journal
  • Student union listing

    Bar Billiards

    Alan MacDonald's favourite links