Mrs. Wilkie's Haggis Recipe

Boiler bags of suitable size (or sheep's stomachs)
1 pound of Lamb's liver (or ox liver, if preferred)
1 pound of Lamb's Heart (lamb's tongue may be added to the heart to make up the weight)
7 ounces of suet
1.25 pounds of Oatmeal (medium granularity)
5 ounces of Onion
1.5 pints of Stock (from the meat boiling - see below)
3 teaspoons of Salt
2 teaspoons of Black Pepper
3 good pinches (+ 2) of Nutmeg
3 pinches of Mace

These quantities provide 18 to 19 5-ounce helpings - approximately 4 pounds of haggis
First roast the oatmeal to a golden brown in the oven. Do not risk charring. Wash the liver and heart/tongue and place in a pot with 2 pints of water. Boil for 20 to 30 minutes then allow to cool. Add salt when boiling. When cold, mince, grind, or finely chop the meat, grind the suet, then blanch and finely chop the onion. Next, put the meat, suet, and onion into a bowl or basin, adding the oatmeal, pepper, nutmeg, and mace. Mix in the 1.5 pints of the stock from the meat to produce a thick paste. When thoroughly mixed, spoon into the boiler bags; squeeze out the air and tie the opening close to the contents. Using a suitably large pan (pot), place a plate in the bottom, put in the haggis bags and cover with water. Boil gently for 1.5 to 2 hours.