The Second Man-Machine
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Day 4: July 6th, 2008

3:4pm We've finished watching the video and IJay ended up losing 29k to Polaris. That means we ended up 89.5k (~45BB) and is thus statistically significant. The final score for the matches are 3 wins for the CPRG, 2 losses and 1 draw (within 25SB). Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

3:37pm We have 25 hands left to go and Polaris is up by 78k. Polaris just won a nice pot with AQ on a 222QQ board vs. IJay's KJ (playing the board).

3:32pm Polaris is actually up by 72.5k hands with 40 hands to go. Unless IJay runs really good during the last set of hands, it looks like the Machine will be declared a winner.

3:27pm We finished the expo match with Hoss finishing down 60.5k (30BB). However, this doesn't necessarily mean that the Machine has won. Remember, this is a duplicate match and it depends on how IJay has done in the private room. We're about to show a video of IJay's last 50 hands. This is now the largest crowd we've had over all of the matches. IJay is doing live commentary.

3:26pm We only have 5 hands to go and we'll be showing IJay's last 50 hands to the crowd before we discover who came out on top. The match is declared a draw if no team wins by more than 25 small bets (25k).

3:22pm Hoss made a "value bet" on an 86QQA board in position with JJ but Polaris ended up rivering an A with A9s. There are only 17 hands left and Polaris is currently up 32.5k. This is very exiting!

3:18pm Hoss just won a very nice hand, he check/called the flop and turn with Q9 on a 4T5K and hitting a straight on the river J. Polaris had cracked pocket Aces. Polaris is currently up only 17.5k with 30 hands to go. A large crowd is gathering. The Discovery Channel is also doing recording.

3:16pm The bankrolls seem to be staying pretty close to 50k, Hoss just made a nice river raise with A9 on a 58969 board and Polaris called with A8.

3:13pm Hoss check/raised the flop with a gutshot, turned a double gutter and rivered an Ace with AT, beating Polaris' pocket Kings. Polaris is currently up 53.5k with 55 hands left.

3:11pm Polaris is up 48k. "I think Polaris is ramping up the aggression as I'm starting to take the lead. I think your program is kinda tilty." says Hoss with a smile.

3:09pm Polaris has proven to be tricky and dangerous with a check (likely intending to check/raise) on the turn and a check/raise on the river which Hoss paid off with his middle pair after his value bet.

3:07pm We're now back from the break. We've got 87 hands left to play. Polaris is currently up 58k.

2:52pm So we're now officially on our second break. We have only 100 hands to go with Polaris winning by 79.5k. It will be interesting to see how IJay does in the private room and to see who comes out on top, Man or Machine. Stay tuned!

2:49pm "Ooh Polaris!" says Hoss and his ten high bluff is unsuccessfull on the river as Polaris calls with J high."

2:45pm "Here we go mankind" says Hoss about Polaris' strong play. "I feel like Will Smith, hopeless...". However, Hoss is doing well decreasing Polaris' lead as Polaris is currently up 75k.

2:42pm Hoss just won a huge hand with two pair and a flush draw on a capped turn. He was in the BB and check/called the river and Polaris showed pocket Queens again for one pair. "That's when you go crazy with queens?".

2:40pm Hoss check/raises the turn with top pair of Jacks but Polaris shows down pocket Queens to win the hand. Polaris is currently up 92.5k.

2:38pm "Oh come on, Polaris check/raises [the flop] with King high, I have a pair, he pairs his King on the turn and we both river two pair. What a LUCKBOX!!!" says Hoss after losing with J4 to K4.

2:35pm Hoss tried for a check/raise on a K859 board with 95 with two pair but Polaris checked behind the turn with A high and payed off a river bet unimproved. Polaris is currently up 103k after hand 326.

2:32pm Hoss had made some of his losses back, being down "only" 92.5k now. He just got rivered by Polaris with 96 vs. 64 on a 2J635 giving Polaris a straight.

2:25pm Polaris is running super hot right now, being up 125k. We just had a very interesting hand. Hoss had Q2ss on a 543ss flop for an overcard, an open-ended straight draw and a flush draw with 2Q coming on the turn and river (giving him two pair). However, Polaris had 65 for a straight.

2:22pm "I hope IJay is crushing it bad!" says Hoss as Polaris rivers a better two pair with T2o vs. his 98o on an 89T42 board.

2:20pm "Polaris, come on!!!" screams Hoss as Polaris peels a 643r flop with T9 and hits runner runner straight vs. Hoss' pocket aces with Polaris raising the river.

2:17pm Okay, we're back from the break with updated photos in the "Live Gallery" section. We are about half done of the match and Polaris is up 57k but keep in mind that Hoss and IJay are a team and their combined score matters as it is a duplicate match each player getting opposite ends of the cards.

2:00pm We've just finished the first 200 hands and are taking a break with Polaris up 53.5k. We should be back shortly. Since there is no live handcasting today (as per Hoss' wishes) it will be a surprise for everyone how IJay is doing in the private room.

1:52pm Hoss is only down 7.5k now. He's been on a short rush, getting 55 (capped preflop by Polaris) on a 53K7K board. Polaris raised the river in position with 99. Hoss is very confident that he'll come out ahead with still a little over 300 hands left. He has spoken briefly about some of the weaknesses he sees in the program (such as not playing the turn aggressively enough and not bluffing some of the worst hands in its distribution on the river.

1:49pm Hoss sees Polaris cap for the first time, he holds 33 in the BB. The flop comes QJ2cc and Hoss sees a showdown. "Ahh, Polaris capped with the ole J5!" he exclaims.

1:45pm Hoss is down 24.5k, currently. He just got in a nice river check/raise with Jx vs. A2o on a 923JJ board out of position and Polaris checking behind the flop.

1:40pm Hoss paid off a turn raise and a river bet with 99 on a T52cc54c board and Polaris showed down Q5 for trips.

1:34pm Hoss is being a great crowd-pleaser, yelling out things like "Haha Polaris, I got you!" when his 9 high bluffs work on the river. Unfortunately, it is very hard to tilt Polaris. After turning an open-ended straight on the turn, Hoss is now down only 23.5k.

1:31pm Hoss is doing a great job inducing bluffs from Polaris with marginal hands but is still down 43k. He commented on how Polaris peeled an A9x board with J2 and said he liked it, that he'd proably do the same with a backdoor flush draw (with the 2) as he gives a smile.

1:27pm Hoss has said our program has missed two river bluffs so far. Also, it's pretty sweet to have Hoss and TheBryce standing 5 feet away from each other.

1:24pm Hoss just bet/called a K river with middle pair of 8s (not liking that Polaris raised) and Polaris showed K8 for two pair.

1:18pm Hoss says that he's impressed by the program's play (as he is interviewed). He's currently getting the bad side of the cards and Polaris is up 50k (25BB).

1:16pm Hoss exclaims, "King high!" after a showdown (Hoss had a worse hand). "My navigation system could have played that hand better".

1:07pm Okay, Nick here, we're about to get started with the long-awaited public match vs. Matt "Hoss_TBF" Hawrilenko (claimed by many to be the world's best heads-up limit hold'em specialist). IJay "doughnutz" (Hoss') partner has already begun his private match this morning. Today's match will determine whether Man or Machine comes out on top as the score is currently 2-2-1.