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Day 2: July 4th, 2008

3:58pm It has just been announced that Rich and Victor have won the match by 50 small bets.

3:47pm We have just finished the match here in the expo. We will start watching a video of the last 30 minutes of the private match before announcing the results.

3:44pm Polaris just rivered quads. Digs is only up 64.5k with about 15 hands left.

3:32pm Digs flops yet another straight. Polaris turns top pair. On the next hand Digs turns two pair and Polaris raises the river with top pair. Digs and Bryce are debating whether Polaris is playing bad or just getting caught with sophisticated play with bad cards.

3:26pm Digs just check raise bluffed the turn on a x6JJ board, but Polaris 3 bet. Digs decides to lay down his air. He's decided to take a short break before finishing the last 60 hands.

3:20pm We've resume from the break and have 85 hands to go. Digs just bet/3bet a river as a bluff and got caught but doesn't regret it (although he says that he regrets some other hands that he played). He's currently up 121k.

3:07pm We're now on break after just finishing hand 400. Digs is currently up 127.5k. We have exactly 100 hands left to play. Darse Billings, the creator and godfather of the CPRG, asked from the crowd if Digs is embarrassed at all about all of the good cards he's getting. Digs laughed and said, "yeah, a bit".

3:01pm We're now on hand 373 and Digs is playing very well. He's taking his time in very close and marginal situations. Digs is up 120k, currently.

2:52pm Digs is feeling pretty good, he just snapped off a bluff from Polaris with bottom pair on a 3-flush 4-straight board (with two 1-card straights possible). He's up 141k currently.

2:47pm Digs is absolutely running over Polaris (it might help that he's getting hit with the deck). He's now up a whopping 160k. He said that he feels sorry for his partner, Victor "vmacosta", who's getting the opposite end of the deck in the private room.

2:39pm We're now over the 300 hand mark. Digs defended his BB with 54o and flopped the nuts on a 236 board. He checked intending check/raise and Polaris checked behind. The turn and river were JK with bet/call on each street. Digs stressed on the river over whether to bet/3bet or check/raise. Polaris called with A4 high.

2:32pm Polaris just called down on a 3-flush board after Digs rivered a better hand with T2o.

2:23pm Sorry about the delay. We are now back from break. We now have live handcasting and the live gallery up for today. Digs has since taken a lead on Polaris, now up 56k. He just played an interesting hand against Polaris where the flop of 99cXc was capped by Polaris with J8 high (backdoor flush draw of course), Digs bet/called Polaris' raise on a club turn (bringing in a flush draw) and check/called a 4-flush river (giving Polaris a J high flush). "That was sick!" exclaimed Digs.

1:56pm We are now on break after hand 200 finishing. Digs has retaken the lead being up around 12k after recently picking up pocket aces and Polaris showing down King high.

1:52pm We've only got another 18 hands until the break. An interesting hand just occurred where Polaris check/called with a turned flush and check/raised the river, Digs paid off with middle pair after value betting the river.

1:47pm Polaris has officially taken the lead on hand 160. He's currently up 34.5k.

1:39pm We're already on hand 132 and Digs just took down a decent pot with a full house, 63 on 96338 board vs. Polaris' 65. Bryce and Digs were discussing a bit of strategy on a hand where Digs had trip kings.

1:34pm Digs' lead is quickly diminishing, he's still up but only by 17.5k now. He just said that he got slowrolled by Polaris (although I missed the hand).

1:29pm Digs is mixing up his play against Polaris, the first time he received 44 in the BB he just defended, the second time he 3bet. The flop came QcJc6 and it went bet and raise by Polaris, Digs called. The turn came a 5 and the action went check/call by Digs. The river was a 6c pairing the board and bringing in a flush draw. Digs called and Polaris showed down the second nuts (QQ).

1:21pm Digs (Rich) just claimed that he's letting Polaris run over him a bit and claimed that Polaris is a huge suckout king. Just as he finished, he sucked out on Polaris on the river with J7 vs. T4 on a 2224J board and he got a value-raise in on the river. He's now up $86.5k at 1k/2k.

1:15pm Rich just suffers a beat from Polaris (one of many to come) where he had A3 vs. AK on an Ah83JhJ board after 2 bets were put in on the flop and 3 on the turn.

1:11pm Rich just said that he's sorry for Victor (in the private room) since he's running quite hot. 26 hands in, he's up about 20 big bets. IJay told him not to worry about the results so far as Nick "stoxtrader" came back from a huge loss yesterday.

1:04pm We have officially begun with Rich in the expo. Today, we have a microphone which I think will help out with getting a crowd. There was already an interesting hand, Rich had 89 on an 8sTsThAhA board vs. 82 and decided to check behind even though he was counterfeit. He said that he didn't think that Polaris would fold a J. It turns out he won the pot with a 9 kicker.

11:37am The private match has officially begun with Victor taking on Polaris. The second expo match will begin at 1pm.

9:53am Hi, this is Nick here, I'll be your live blogger for today. We are currently setting up for the second session. Today's competitors are Rich "Digs" McRoberts and Victor "vmacosta" Acosta. We anticipate starting at 1pm.