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Day 1: July 3rd, 2008

1:55pm Nick and Kyle really picked it up for the last part of the match. The last 10 hands went from Polaris barely winning to a tie by the rules set in the competition. The final result has Polaris winning on money by 5 small bets, which is within the margin of 25 small bets required for victory. Polaris is now 1-1-1.

1:45pm Stoxtrader is just finishing up his match here. We won't know the results until the upstairs match finishes as it is a few minutes. The result of this side of the match has Polaris up by 42 small bets.

1:41pm This match is starting to look like it will have a very close finish. Polaris is barely ahead in the hand cast at this point in time. Nick has got a good run of cards and has battled back since the break.

1:36pm We're back and on hand 451 now. Sorry for the delay, there was some issues with the wireless here in the Expo. A few interesting hands since the last update. On hand 418 Polaris check raised the turn when a flush card hit. Nick sensed a bluff and raised with nothing forcing Polaris to fold. On hand 422 Polaris turned a straight and Nick rivered two pair. Nick raised the river for value on the button reluctantly calling Polaris's 3 bet. On hand 440 Nick's two pair got counterfeit when the board paired on the river giving Polaris the lead with two pair A9 over two pair Q9. On hand 448 Nick had pocket kings. The flop came 77A. Nick calls down and Polaris has 7T. Hand 451 was good for the humans. Nick called down the river with K8 high against Polaris's K2 high. Nice call by Nick.

1:15pm We've just finished 400 hands here in the Expo and we are taking a short break. Nick has picked up the pace since the first break.

1:13pm Nick and Kyle seem to be chipping away and Polaris's lead. Nick just hit a T high flush on a monotone turn. Polaris unfortunately hit two pair on the turn and lost a large pot. It will be interesting to see how Kyle plays the hand.

1:08pm Nick just made a nice call down with K high when Polaris three barrelled with nothing yet again. It's really hard to get any information from Polaris when it makes sophisticated bluffs that humans don't often make. Nick commented in an earlier hand how Polaris three bet preflop and then checked immediately after the flop.

1:02pm Polaris just three bet the river with a pair of 2s when Nick had rivered an 8. Nick commented that he pays off all the other times because he knows Polaris is capable of bluffs like that.

12:57pm We just had a very interesting hand. The board came 44Tx4 with Nick having a 4 and Polaris having a T. Nick jokingly asked if Polaris picked up on timing tells when he decided whether to 3 bet the river.

12:55pm I just checked the live hand casting. It seems that Polaris is winning by about 60 small bets. This is a bit smaller of a margin than the first match Nick and Kyle played.

12:50pm Nick just flopped the wheel with A5, but the turn and river came A5. The pot got split when Polaris showed 92. Nick definitely does not have luck on his side.

12:48pm Nick just turned an open ended straight draw on a 2 flush board with 87. The flush came in on the river and Polaris folded when Nick bet his busted draw.

12:45pm Nick just check raised top pair on a QJx board. The board turned an ace and he decided to bet out. Polaris called down with KJ. We are on hand 290 and Polaris is up by about 109 small bets in the Expo.

12:42pm It's quite loud in the expo here. Some person got a hold of the PA system and is singing horrible Elvis. I hope it's not distracting Nick.

12:37pm Morgan has put up some pictures of the day so far. You can click on the Live Gallary link to view them.

12:35pm Polaris just found a good fold in a big pot. Nick had ATs and turned a flush. I've seen Polaris call down in situations like this with just a high card, but he must have realized something was up.

12:31pm Nick seems to be having trouble adapting to Polaris's aggression. He seems to be relucantly calling down with ace high as it is hard to tell when Polaris has hit or has air. Just now he forced Polaris out of a large pot for the first time in the match. He seems excited everytime he gets Polaris to fold.

12:30pm We just passed hand 218. Polaris check raised a 663 double suited flop and kept firing until the river. Nick made a nice call with K high. Polaris had J high.

12:23pm We have the hand casting working. You can see the live stream from the Results page. I have had a brief look and it appears Polaris is leading quite handily. We've just started Nick up again here in the Expo.

12:16pm It seems like Polaris is getting the better side of the cards here. We will be able to see for sure when the hand casting is brought up momentarily.

12:10pm With a straight and a three flush on the board, both players split the pot. Polaris had aces and Nick had a straight on the turn. Polaris is leading by 123 small bets. We will have a small break in about 20 hands.

12:03pm On hand 142 Nick's kings got cracked by 36s after Polaris flopped a flush. Polaris played it slow. An ace hit on the river and Nick decided to bet after Polaris checked. Polaris check raised him. Nick relucantly called and lost. Well played by Polaris.

11:59am We are over 30 minutes and Polaris is up by 78 small bets. We just passed hand 125. Nick just hit a flush on the turn on a monotone board. Polaris decided to call down with a pair of 8s on a rather scary board.

11:52am We are at hand 92 now. Polaris just check raised an ace high flop. Nick had c-bet after missing and decided to fold. Polaris is up by 66 small bets.

11:48am Hand 73 saw Nick miss his flush draw and bet the river with T high. Polaris made a nice call with Q high to take the pot. Polaris is up 60 small bets at this point.

11:40am Hand 44 was quite interesting. Nick had QKs and the flop came Qx3. The turn and river were both 3s. Nick felt confident in his Q high full house, but Polaris had aces! As of hand 48 Polaris is ahead by 40.5 small bets.

11:37am Nick hit a full house 3s full of 5s, but Polaris folds on the river. Polaris is still ahead by 18 small bets on hand 35.

11:33am Nick is playing quite aggressively. He rivered a pair of nines on a TT6 board. Polaris had 67s. Polaris has taken the lead by 18 small bets on hand 28.

11:30am Unfortunately the live hand casting will be unavailable until the first break. Currently we are on 16 and Nick has aces, but Polaris flopped a set of 4s. A flush draw came in on the river and it put Nick in a tough spot with his overpair. Nick is currently up about 8 small bets.

11:25am Everything has been set up. The first hand is Td3s. Nick defends his big blind, but check folds the flop.

11:05am It appears we are going to be starting today's match early. Nick will be playing his side of the match in the booth. The match will begin shortly.

10:11am Hi everyone! Kevin here. I'll be your blogger for today's match. Right now we are finishing some preparations for our section of the Stoxpoker booth here at the Gaming Life Expo. The expo opens at 11am. If you're in Vegas, stop by our booth and you can have a chance to chat with our team and play Polaris yourself! The first match will start at 1pm against Nick "Stoxtrader" Grudzien and Kyle "cottonseed" Hendon. You can see the complete hand history of their previous match in our results section.