A biography by Richard Fortman

Ronald "Suki" King, as his many friends and admirers call him, is 38 years old (1997)and a native of St. George, Barbados. He is the current World's 3-move and Go-As-You-Please (GAYP) World Champion.

Suki's 3-move US Open Tournament records are: 1986-tied 4&5th; 1988-tied 6,7&8th; 1990-18th; 1992-1st over Lowder, Checkers 3.0, Hallett, Lafferty and Chinook; 1994-6th below Lafferty, Chinook, Tinsley, Bruch, and Cooper; 1996 1st human behind Chinook and ahead of Hallett, J. Morrison, Francis and Bruch.

He won the 1991, 1993 and 1995 English Open Tournaments. Ron won the 1989 US Open GAYP Tournament. In 1991, he won over Jim Morrison 4-1-18 for the World's GAYP Match Title. In January 1994, he challenged World 3-move Champion Derek Oldbury. Upon Oldbury's death in July 1994, Suki played British Open Champion William Edwards for the World 3-move Match Title winning 14-1-13. In 1992, he defended his GAYP Title by drawing Derek Oldbury 5-5-14 in Barbados. In 1995, he again defended his GAYP Title defeating Elbert Lowder 8-2-9 at Ken Bar in Kentucky. In 1996, he defended his World GAYP Title winning over James Morrison 2-0-21 at the ICHF. In 1996, Suki defended his 3-move Title by drawing Don Lafferty 5-5-30 in Barbados.

In May 1995, Suki formally challenged Chinook for the Man vs. Machine Match Title. This match may take place sometime in 1997.