3rd Workshop on Compiler-Driven Performance

October 06, 2004
Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference Centre
Markham, ON

Associated with CASCON 2004


Experiments with auto-parallelizing SPEC2000FP benchmarks

Guansong Zhang, Priya Unnikrishnan, and James Ren - IBM Toronto Lab

We document the experimental work in our attempts to automatically parallelize SPEC2000FP benchmarks for SMP machines. This is not purely a research project. It was implemented within IBM's software laboratory in a commercial compiler infrastructure which implements OpenMP 2.0 specifications in both Fortran and C/C++. From the beginning, our emphasis is on using simple parallelization techniques. We aim to maintain a good trade off between performance, especially scalability of an application program and its compilation time. Although the parallelization results show relatively low speed up, it is still promising considering the problems associated with explicit parallel programming and the fact that more and more multi-thread and multi-core chips will soon be available even for home computing.

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