The Alberta Workloads for the SPEC CPU2017 Benchmark Suite

SPEC CPU2017 Workloads

Benchmarks With New Workloads
Benchmark Namewrokload DescriptionLink
502.gcc_r 13 new workloads by mangling some C source files and changing optimization flags. Some C source files come from the Large Single Compilation Unit C programs website. gcc workloads
505.mcf_r Three additional workloads that show different program execution. mcf workloads
507.cactuBSSN_r Seven additional workloads that alter some of the parameters. cactuBSSN workloads
510.parest_r Five new workloads that show different program execution. parest workloads
511.povray_r Eight additional inputs based on data from the povray object collection. povray workloads
519.lbm_r Twenty-four additional workloads created by hand. lbm workloads
520.omnetpp_r Seven additional workloads. This workloads were manually generated by creating a random network topology and altering the reference workloads to simulate this new topology. Some workloads were manually generated by using standard network topologies (e.g. ring, star, tree).. omnetpp workloads
521.wrf_r Twelve additional inputs created using data available online, and by altering the parameters. wrf workloads
523.xalancbmk_r Five additional inputs from the XSLTMark benchmark. xalancbmk workloads
525.x264_r Additional workloads created from different images. x264 workloads
526.blender_r Twelve additional workloads created using blend files. blender workloads
531.deepsjeng_r Nine new workloads with varying ply depths. deepsjeng workloads
541.leela_r Nine new workloads taken from the defunct No-Name Go Server's archive. Each of the workloads contains six go positions. Moves are culled from the end of games to ensure that the AI plays the game to its completion. leela workloads
544.nab_r Eight additional workloads created from using data found at RCSB protein database. nab workloads
548.exchange2_r Ten additional workloads created by changing the order of the existing puzzles. exchange2 workloads
557.xz_r Eight new workloads. Each workload varies in size, compressibility and repetition. xz workloads