China-Japan Super Go Matches

I have collected all games played in the China-Japan Super Go from 1984 to 1994. The games are contained in a single file.

Japan-China Meijin Matches

All games from the first seven matches.
  • Japan-China Meijin games (26K, Smart Go Format)

    Japan-China Tengen Matches

    The games from 1990 and 1995 are missing.
  • Japan-China Tengen games (21K, Smart Go Format)


    Jun 16, 2009: Removed compressed version, and reference to invalid web page.

    Jun 21: 1993 and 1994 games of Meijin and Tengen added.

    May 9: The Meijin and Tengen matches have been added.

    Apr 15, 1995: Yasunori Suzuki sent me the missing player names and two problems in the game records. I fixed that, and also added many of the missing player ranks.

    Mar 30, 1995: The collection is complete now. Added the missing games, fixed a few problems, and added some missing dates

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