Some memorable games played by our Go program Fuego

2014 UEC Cup

Man vs Machine Brisbane 2012

Fuego wins a 9x9 game, and a 19x19 game with 2 handicap stones against 6 Dan amateur players.

Computer Olympiad, Tilburg 2011

Fuego takes 3rd place in the 9x9 competition.

Computer Olympiad, Kanazawa 2010

Fuego takes 2nd place in the 9x9 competition, winning or drawing all its 2-game mini-matches.

Man vs Machine Barcelona 2010

A good win against Chou Ping-Chiang 4 Dan.

Man vs Machine Jeju Island 2009

First win by computer program in 9x9 against a top-ranked player (9-Dan) on even terms.

Computer Olympiad, Pamplona 2009

Fuego won the 9x9 competition, beating MoGo in a playoff.

ICGC, Beijing 2008

Other Computer Go Game Records

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Martin Müller