Publications Related to the Game of Amazons

This is not yet a complete list. Also, there are no hard boundaries between the categories, e.g. much of our work involves both combinatorial game theory and playing programs. Please send me additions and corrections.

Amazons Web Links

Amazon-playing Programs, Algorithms, Evaluation, Solvers

J. Song and M. Müller. An Enhanced Solver for The Game of Amazons. IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games (TCIAIG) 7(1), 16-27, 2015. On IEEE Explore or pre-print

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Combinatorial Game Theory Applied to Amazons

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Tournament Reports

H. Iida and M. Müller. Report on the Second Open Computer-Amazons Championship. ICGA Journal Vol.23 No.1, March 2000.

H. Iida, 8QP wins Amazons tournament. ICGA J. 24 3 (2001), p. 184.

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