The Second Man-Machine
Poker Competition

Day 1 Gallery

Please enjoy the photos from the first match.

The computer poker research group liveblogging station.

Nick "Stoxtrader" Grudzien taking on Polaris

The man-machine poker interface

Bryce "Freedom25" Paradis gives us the eye

Nick in concentration

IJay, Bryce, and Jim chatting while the match is going on.

One of last year's human competitors Ali Eslami stopped by the booth and talked with Mike Bowling

A couple of the stoxpoker members

Some Stoxpoker swag

IJay talking to a couple of expo attendees

Nick in the background next to a set of University of Alberta poker chips

Nick enjoying his comeback against Polaris

The view of the booth from the other side of the Hertz booth.
Looking down the expo floor

Nick hits four of a kind on the river. Polaris had fours full of tens

Nick enjoys his four of a kind hand.

Nick gets up after his 500 hand session.

Nick does an interview with Dave after his session was over.

With just 11 hands to go, Polaris was nearly at the threshold of winning. In the end, Polaris ended up just a small amount which counted as a draw.