The First Man-Machine
Poker Championship


Over the 3990 duplicated hands played, there was no statistically significant difference in the skill level of the two teams.

Post-match analysis indicates that the Polaris programs may have held an edge in the overall quality of decisions. Detailed results, analysis, logs, and graphs will be available here soon. Please stay tuned for more information.

$10/$20 Limit Texas Hold'em Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Sum
Ali Eslami +$395 -$2495 -$635 +$460 -$2275
Phil Laak -$465 +$1570 +$1455 +$110 +$2670
Combined Score -$70 -$925 +$820 +$570 +$395
Result Statistical Draw Polaris Wins Humans Win Humans Win Humans Win
Hands Played
497* 499** 499* 500 1995
Unofficial Match results

* Some hands were discounted due to some technical difficulties during the matches. In the few cases these glitches happened, the duplicate hand was removed from both sides of the match.

** One of the hands was thrown out due to a click error by Phil (he accidentally folded K9o before the flop).

Hand Histories

The complete hand histories are currently available from the Poker Academy website and are viewable with Poker Academy Prospector (free demo). Other formats may become available in the future.

Play against Polaris!

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Check out the photos from the four sessions!


Ali in Session 4:

Phil in Session 3:

Phil in Session 2:

Ali in Session 1:

Phil and Ali Postgame comments:

Introduction by Jonathan Schaeffer before the first match

Liveblog Archive

Here are the liveblogs from each of the 4 sessions.