The First Man-Machine
Poker Championship

Gallery: Match 4

Here are the photos from the last match

Ali Eslami sits down for the last session between him and Polaris

Ali took his time during the match making decisions. This would be quite a long session

Morgan Kan blogging the last session

Match arbiter Michael Littman

Ali gave some very insightful commentary during the last match. The observers definitely should have learned something about poker from him!

A good closeup shot of Ali during the final match

Joshua Davidson (left) and Morgan Kan (right) at the blogging station

Poker professional Terrence Chan enjoying the match

Ali thinks his way through a difficult hand

Poker professional Terrence Chan (left) and former poker professional and resident poker expert in the CPRG Darse Billings chat about the match

Ali continues to play

Ali is starting to look a little tired. The match seems to be wearing him down

The audience waits in anticipation of the match result!

Ali Eslami is all smiles after finding out that they've won the final match and the competition!

Ali is relieved that they managed to pull out a victory from the match

Photo Credits: Nolan Bard, Joshua Davidson, Morgan Kan