2005 HIPS

Zhuang Guo, Jonathan Schaeffer, Duane Szafron and Patrick Earl. Using Generative Design Patterns to Develop Network Server Applications, 10th International Workshop on High-Level Parallel Programming Models and Supportive Environments (HIPS'2005) at IPDPS, pp. 178 (8 pages on CD-ROM), April 2005, abstract or pdf.


Design patterns are generic solutions to recurring software design problems. The Correct Object-Oriented Pattern-based Parallel Programming System (CO2P3S) uses design pattern templates to generate code for design patterns. CO2P3S has been used to generate small parallel and sequential applications. This research evaluates the utility and performance of CO2P3S on larger network server applications. The Network Server design pattern template is introduced, which significantly eases the complexities involved in network server application development. The Network Server is highly configurable and suitable for the construction of a large variety of network server applications, with a diverse range of functionality and performance requirements. In this paper we highlight a generated Web server with performance comparable to Apache..