1996tools S. MacDonald, D. Szafron, J. Schaeffer, An Object-Oriented Run-time System for Parallel Applications, TOOLS USA 96, Santa Barbara, CA, August, 1996, 11 ms. abstract or pdf.

This paper describes three basic specializations of design patterns that can be used in implementing the runtime systems of parallel applications. These specializations were discovered while re-designing and re-implementing the runtime system for the Enterprise parallel programming system. Enterprise allows programmers to create, compile, execute, and debug programs that execute over a network of workstations. A previous paper in this conference described its object-oriented user interface. The run-time system is responsible for the execution of user programs. It was recently re-designed using objects to rectify problems with the previous version and to provide an extensible base for further research. This papers details the key object-oriented components of the new system. Although these components were developed in the context of the Enterprise system, they are generally applicable to object-oriented run-time systems for general parallel applications.