1995spie M.T. Özsu, D. Szafron, P. Iglinski, G. El-Medani, S. El-Medani, M. Schoene, and C. Vittal Database Management Support for a News-on-demand Application, SPIE Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Technologies and Systems for Voice, Video, and Data Communications - Multimedia: Full-Service Impact on Business, Education, and the Home, Vol. 2617, pp. 24-32, October 1995. abstract or pdf.

We describe the type system component of a database management system that supports a multimedia news-on-demand application. The type system is an object-oriented one that represents document structure according to the SGML and HyTime standards. End-users access the news database by using a visual query interface. We also describe current work to generalize the database type system to accommodate arbitrary SGML/HyTime compliant multimedia documents. Such a generalized type system would support a broad range of multimedia applications.