1995cascon D. Woloschuk, P. Iglinski, S. MacDonald, D. Novillo, I. Parsons, J. Schaeffer and D. Szafron Performance Debugging in the Enterprise Parallel Programming System, CASCON 95 CDRom Proceedings, Toronto, November 1995, 12 ms. abstract or pdf.

Debugging parallel/distributed programs is an iterative process, alternating between correctness debugging and performance debugging. Performance debugging involves identifying bottlenecks in a parallel computation and providing feedback to the user in a meaningful manner. The quality of this feedback can play a major role in the quick resolution of performance problems. Many feedback systems provide the user with endless streams of statistics, relying on the user to do the interpretation. This paper discusses the performance debugging facilities in the Enterprise parallel programming system. Through visual and aural cues, performance information is conveyed to the user in an intuitive manner.