1992ifip D. Szafron, J. Schaeffer, P. S. Wong, E. Chan, P. Lu and C. Smith, The Enterprise Distributed Programming Model, IFIP Transactions A-11: Programming Environments for Parallel Computing, 1992, pp. 67-76. abstract or pdf.

Workstation environments have been in use for more than a decade. Although a network of workstations represents a large amount of aggregate computing power, single users often cannot utilize these resources for their applications. Enterprise is a programming environment for designing, coding, debugging, testing, monitoring, profiling and executing programs in a distributed hardware environment. Programs written using Enterprise look like familiar sequential C code; the parallelism is expressed graphically. The system automatically inserts the code necessary to handle communication, synchronization and fault tolerance, allowing the rapid construction of correct distributed programs. Enterprise programs run on a network of computers, absorbing the idle cycles on machines. The system supports load balancing, limited process migration, and dynamic distribution of work in environments with changing resource utilization. This paper concentrates on the user's view of programming in Enterprise.