Next Deadline: Paper Submisions,
May 15, 2001

Workshop Co-Chairs:

  • Osmar R. Zaïane (
    University of Alberta, Canada
  • Simeon J. Simoff (
    University of Technology-Sydney, Australia

    Program Committee:

  • Terry Caelli
  • Chabane Djeraba
  • Chitra Dorai
  • Alex Duffy
  • Max J. Egenhofer
  • William Grosky
  • Howard J. Hamilton
  • Jiawei Han
  • Alexander G. Hauptmann
  • Wynne Hsu
  • Odej Kao
  • Nik Kasabov
  • Paul Kennedy
  • Latifur Khan
  • Flip Korn
  • Brian Lovell
  • Mark Maybury
  • Mario Nascimento
  • Gholamreza Nakhaeizadeh
  • Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture
  • Vincent Oria
  • Jian Pei
  • Simone Santini
  • Simeon J. Simoff
  • John R. Smith
  • Duminda Wijesekera
  • Ian H. Written
  • Osmar R. Zaiane

    Peer-reviewed submissions, accepted for presentation at the workshop will be published in the workshop proceedings.
    Extended and revised paper-oriented versions of selected submissions will be published in a book by Kluwer Academic Publishers, the same publisher of the Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journal.


    2nd International Workshop on Multimedia Data Mining

    in conjunction with

    Seventh ACM SIGKDD International Conference on
    Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining
    August 26-29, 2001
    San Francisco, CA, USA

    The increasing application of collaborative computing and multimedia document handling in the majority of government, business and educational intra- and internets provides enormous sources of various data, organised in different structures and formats. No wonder researchers in multimedia turned towards the field of data mining and knowledge discovery in databases in the search for techniques for improving the indexing and retrieval of multimedia information. In the beginning, a variety of techniques from machine discovery, statistics, databases, knowledge acquisition, machine learning, data visualization, image analysis, high performance computing, and knowledge-based systems, have been used mainly as a research handcraft activity. The development of multimedia databases and their query interfaces recall again the idea of incorporating data mining methods for dynamic indexing. Recently data mining efforts have focused in less formalised fields of art, design, hypermedia information systems, case-based reasoning and computational modeling of creativity. These and similar fields use variety of data sources, incorporated through sophisticated digital media data structures. As a result there is an urgent need for new techniques and tools that can transform these rich data into useful information and knowledge.

    The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts in analysis of digital media content, state-of-art data mining and knowledge discovery in multimedia database systems, knowledge engineers and domain experts from different applied disciplines with potential in multimedia data mining. The major topics of the workshop include but are not limited to:

    • multimedia data mining methods and algorithms;
    • knowledge discovery and knowledge extraction from image data;
    • knowledge discovery and knowledge extraction from sound data;
    • knowledge discovery and knowledge extraction from video data;
    • automatic video annotation and indexing;
    • real-time object detection in video streams;
    • electronic documents - multimedia data representation and reuse of discovered knowledge;
    • content-based search, retrieval, and discovery methods;
    • uncertainty management in multimedia data mining;
    • complexity, efficiency and scalability of multimedia data mining algorithms;
    • the incorporation of domain knowledge;
    • multimedia data mining and interactive exploration;
    • multimedia data visualization and man-machine interfaces;
    • integrated data mining of text and image data;
    • data analysis of video and audio data;
    • representation of discovered knowledge
    • active storage for data mining in multimedia;
    • mining from unstructured and semi-structured data;
    • web-content mining;
    • data mining from XML documents;
    • mining from Geographic Information Systems.
    • data mining in collaborative virtual environments and virtual reality systems.
    Submissions on the above and related topics of knowledge discovery in digital media are invited. We also encourage submissions, which present early stages of research work, software applications and solutions.
    There is no restriction on the length of submissions. Contact author and email address should be specified.

    Printable Call for Papers (PDF)
    Call for Papers in text(TXT)

    Important Dates

    May 15: Submissions Due
    June 15: Acceptance Notification
    July 16:Camera Ready Copy Due
    August 26: Workshop Day

    Electronic Submission

    Electronic submission either in paper-oriented PDF, PS, RTF or Microsoft Word Document formats, or in Web-based multimedia format are preferable.

    Please, e-mail electronic submissions with subject "MDM/KDD2001" to:

    Hard Copy Submission

    Send hardcopies to:
    Osmar R. Zaïane
    Department of Computing Science
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, AB
    T6G 2H1, Canada

    Simeon J. Simoff
    Department of Computer Systems,
    University of Technology, Sydney
    NSW 2007, Australia

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