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Disclaimer: The rankings below are for the most prestigious category of paper at a given conference (i.e. mainly the refereed full paper track). They are based on general reputation of the conference in the field, the citation of the papers published in the conference, reputation of program committee members and reputation of the review process. It is not based on scientific measurements and thus can be controversial. While debatable, this ranking could change in time. New conferences are typically ranked in the third tier. Top conferences are known for their impact history and their rigorous review process. They should be equivalent, if not superior in impact and prestige, to reputable journals. Workshops and new (or unknown) conferences are not ranked.

The University of Alberta and/or The Department of Computing Science do not necessarily endorse this ranking. It is mainly put together after intense consultation with international colleagues. The rankings do not necessarily represent my personal views about these conferences and I am not responsible for the reputation of conferences. This is an unofficial reference. If you are looking for a scientifically accurate ranking please disregard this page. --OZ

Field Legend
DB: Databases
DM: Data Mining
AI: Artificial Inteligence
NL: Natural Language Processing
ED: Computer Education
IR: Information Retrieval
W3: Web and Information Systems
DP: Distributed and Parallel Computing
GV: Graphics, Vision and HCI
MM: Multimedia
NC: Networks, Communications & Performance
SE: Security and Privacy
OS: Operating Systems / Simulations
Some seemingly second tier conferences are actually top conferences in their sub-field.

Top Tier Conferences (Rank 1)
Other 1st tier conferences:
Second Tier Conferences (Rank 2)
Other 2nd tier conferences:
Third Tier Conferences (Rank 3)
Other 3rd tier conferences:
Unranked Conferences (Rank ?)
Not Encouraged (due to dubious referee process):
  • Intl Multiconferences in Computer Science -- 14 joint int'l confs.
  • SCI: World Multi confs on systemics, sybernetics and informatics
  • SSGRR: International conf on Advances in Infrastructure for e-B, e-Edu and e-Science and e-Medicine
  • IASTED conferences
  • CCCT: International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control Technologies
  • IARIA: International Academy, Research, and Industry Association
  • WASET: World Academy of SAcience, Engineering and Technology

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