Servlet Essentials




            This is the Java package that contains all of the classes used to create servlets.




            The servlet classes that is subclasses to create a servlet by a webpage. 





            The methods used to respond to GET and POST requests.




            The object that stores all the information from the client to a HttpServlet.




            The object used to send information from a HttpServlet to a client.


getWriter() [HttpServletResponse]

getReader() [HttpServletRequest]

getQueryString() [HttpServletRequest]

setContentType() [HttpServletResponse]


Methods used to (respectively) get the output text stream to the client, get the input text stream from a client (POST method), get the query text from the client (GET method), and set the content-type of the response.


getParameter() [HttpServletRequest]

getParameters() [HttpServletRequest]


            Get the value or values of parameters.


init() [HttpServlet]

destroy() [HttpServlet]


init() is called when servlet is loaded. This is similar to init() of an applet. destroy() is called when a servlet is killed by the server (usually at the administrators request). This is similar to finialize().


For how to do cookies and session tracking, see