Name in Greek (ISO-8859-7): Ιωάννης Νικολαΐδης
Preferred Transliteration: Ioanis Nikolaidis (used in almost all formal transactions)

Other Possibilities:
Yannis (used most of the time by friends and family, used as my informal e-mail signature),
Ioanis "Yannis" Nikolaidis (sometimes used as e-mail signature in quasi-formal situations),
Yannis Nikolaidis (hardly ever used by me, sometimes used by others to refer to me),
Ioannis Nikolaidis (never used to refer to me, used by a chess grand master, we are not related as far as I know).

Incidentally, Nikolaidis is a very common last name especially in northern Greece. So, it is almost equivalent to, say, "Smith", and since my first name is the formal version of "John", my name can be considered equivalent to "John Smith".

So, am I related to any other people with similarly sounding last names who may have web presence of sorts? Yep. My brother who lives in Greece in the town where we were both born (Serres, no the "sweet home" pointed in the picture is not mine, but my parents live nearby at the same block where you see the number 21) is Athanasios Nikolaidis who is also a PhD in computer science/engineering but working on image processing and watermarking (I occasionally receive papers meant to be reviewed by him -- people, please check the first name before you send) and is now an Assistant Professor at the Informatics and Communications Department of the Techonological Educational Institute (TEI) in Serres. My cousin who lives in Germany is George Nicolaidis (no, not the ambassador of Greece to Slovenia, neither the writer/actor from Brooklyn, and BTW, yet another transliteration of the last name if you noticed) born in Duesseldorf whose claim to fame includes playing for the Fehlfarben (album "Monarchie Und Alltag") for a brief period of time and most recently his photographs have been showcased in "verschwende deine jugend.doc" a documentary about the punk rock scene in Germany.