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Xinyao(Alvin) Sun

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Research Assistant & Ph.D. Student

Multimedia Research Centre

Computing Science Department University Of Alberta

I am an organized and efficient Researcher and Programmer. I was always playing the role as the team leader during the projects. I have the ability on arrangements for managing during the teamwork. Good at planning and scheduling the work for both group and independent projects. I am also with a high self-learning ability on the new technology.

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Education and Certification

Doctor of Philosophy Department of Computing Science

University of Alberta

September 2017 - Present

Master of Science in Computing Science with Specialization in Multimedia

University of Alberta

September 2015 - April 2017

Bachelor of Science with Specialization in Computing Science

University of Alberta

January 2010 - April 2015

Academic Research

Ground Truth Delineation for Medical Image Segmentation based on Local Consistency and Distribution Map Analysis

In this study, we propose a Segmentation Quality Assessment (SQA) Model and introduce a local consistency analysis approach, which can serve two purposes: (i) to help establish a ground truth; and, (ii) to compare segmentation results with ground truth data.

Skills: Java,Matlab

Application of a Novel Optical Motion Analysis Instrument for Objective Evaluation of Surgical Movement

This study demonstrates the use of the marker-less technique for objectively measuring Moreover, assessing surgical dexterity among users with different levels of training. I utilized a Leap Motion Controller to obtain motion data and propose a Hidden Markov Model for motion analysis.

Skills: C++,MatLab,OpenGL,Qt,LeapMotion,MachineLearning

Sensor-Based Cloud Computing Interface (CCI) - for Motion Analysis as a Performance Metric and Education Tool

Using data captured by smart sensors to deploy a Cloud Computing Interface in the Cloud infrastructure. To achieve the benefit from processing, analyzing, evaluating and storing fine motion data. I devloped a local client software which using the Linux Container technique to create each isolated linux system for each sensor.

Skills: C++,Python,MatLab,OpenGL,Qt,Flask,Swift,LeapMotion,MachineLearning

Hightlight Course Project

Real-Time Hand Gesture Detection Using Haar-Like Features

I described a vision-based hand posture classification. The low level of the implementation is using the Haar-like features and the Adaptive Boosting (AdaBoost) machine learning algorithm for posture recognition.

Skills: MatLab,MachineLearning

Myo-Cookbook on IOS devices

Using Myo-Armband, which is a wearable device to detect hand movements and gestures, as the controller to allow the user to interact the Cookbook app on IOS devices. I designed the program’s framework and manage the task lists for the group.

Skills: Objective-C,C++,Myo-Armband

Feature Matching Based Residential Area Recommendation System

In this project, we used some public open database from the City of Edmonton. The system includes 1) an IOS app for users to do the query based on his/her preference and get suggestions intelligently; 2) an Admin Dashboard, that enables the administrator to do database and service management.

Skills: Objective-C,Javascript,HTML,css,Python,Node.js,Apache Cordova,BootStrap

Work Experience

My Start-up

I co-founded a start-up mobile phone game studio called GameCloud for creating interesting casual and arcade mobile phone games.Moreover, we reached 500K downloads in total.

Skills: C++,Obj-C,Cocoa Touch,Cocos2D-x,Apache Cordova

Free-lancer & Outsource Developer

with SHUNSOFT to develop my ability to work with professional engineer, I worked with SHUNSOFT as an Outsource Developer oversea for 4 months. I solely developed the IOS version of SHUNSOFT's stock and futures trading app, which allow users to do transactions, and change the risk management settings of their accounts through iOS devices.

I also attended the design and development of SHUNSOFT's back-end dashboard that allow multiple users to make detailed stock auto-transaction and risk management settings simultaneously. This work focused on the requirements of security, availability and stability

Skills: C++/Obj-C,JavaScript,PHP,C#,BootStrap,HighChats,DataTable,Cocoa Touch

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