Other Bach Sites
Major Sites Jans Hanford and Jan Koster's J. S. Bach Home Page provides extensive information on Bach's life, the complete works, recommended recordings and more.
  Bernard S. Greenberg's J. S. Bach FAQ Page provides answers to many frequently asked questions about J. S. Bach, his compositions, sacred music, instrumentation and more.
  Aryeh Oron's Bach Cantatas Website Covers all aspects of J.S. Bach's cantatas and his other vocal works, and ontains discussions and detailed discographies of each cantata and other vocal works, performers and general topics. It also includes texts and translations, scores, music examples, and much more.
  Yo Tomita's Bach Bibliography has a huge bibliography of Bach resources and presents a large number of resources.
  Jim Michmerhuizen's Bach Project presents essays on and MIDI performances of a large number of Bach's works.
  Gertim Alberda's Bach Chorales shows the 389 Bach 4-voice chorales (Chorale Gesänge) enumerated in the Richter/Kalmus collection (also published by Breitkopf as edition 'nr. 3765'. They can be played and downloaded as well.
Cantata Sites Julian Mincham's wonderful site The Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach guides listeners and students through all cantatas with extensive explanations and analyses.
  Simon Crouch's Listener Guide to the Cantatas contains summaries, reviews and ratings of cantatas.
  Z. Philip Ambrose is making his translations of Bach cantatas available at this excellent site.
  Jan Koster's Bach Cantata Project contains an index of the Bach cantatas, recommended recordings, and translations of severals cantatas.
Other Sites Margareth Greentree provides MIDI files of all Bach Chorales.
  Dave's Bach Page contains BWV listings, MIDI files, images and much more.

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