M. Kasakevich, Boulanger, P., Bischof, W. F. and M. Garcia (2007). Augmentation of Visualisation Using Sonification: A Case Study in Computational Fluid Dynamics. 13th Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments, Weimar, Germany, July 15-18, CDROM.

Advances in computer processing power and networking over the past few years have brought significant changes to the modeling and simulation of complex phenomena. Problems that formerly could only be tackled in batch mode, with their results being visualized afterwards, can now be monitored using graphical means while in progress. In certain cases, it is even possible to alter parameters of the computation while it is running, depending on what the scientist perceives in the current visual output. This ability to monitor and change parameters of the computational process at any time and from anywhere is called computational steering. Combining this capability with advanced multi-modal tools to explore the data produced by these systems are key to our approach. We present an advanced multi-modal interface where sonification and 3D visualization are used in a computational steering environment specialized to solve real-time Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) problems. More specifically, this paper describes and experimentally proves how sonification of CFD data can be used to augment 3D visualization.

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