Cheng, I. and Bischof, W. F. (2006). A perceptual approach to texture scaling based on human computer interaction. Proceedings of Eurographics 2006, Vienna, September 4-8.

The trade-off between texture quality and data size is often an important factor for online multimedia applications including 3D games, for virtual reality, as well as for applications designed for portable devices. Although a number of state-of-the-art texture compression techniques have been proposed in the literature, there is little research on optimal resolution reduction, and especially on how the human visual system responds to texture scaling. In this paper, we investigate the visual discrimination of scaled textures and the threshold beyond which quality degradation is insignificant. A cognitive approach based on human computer interaction is proposed together with its applications. Our contribution lies in introducing texture scaling on top of texture compression in order to achieve efficient data transmission and quality preservation.

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