Boulanger, P. (2005). From High Precision Color 3D Scanning of Cultural Artifacts to its Secure Delivery Over the WEB: A Continuum of Technology for the Preservation and Delivery of Culture Heritage Workshop on Recording, Modeling and Visualization of Cultural Heritage. Ascona Switzerland, May 22-26.

The delivery of cultural heritage using web-accessible formats has been a limited success. The amount of information that can be displayed using standard web technologies remains limited to a disjointed set of text, images, short movie clips, Quick Time VR, and more recently, small 3D worlds and models represented in VRML format. What is really needed is a new technology that will be able to deliver heritage content into a more compelling storytelling form that is as rich as cinema but without its limitations of linear narrative and its inability to interact with its content. This paper presents some solutions to those issues by considering the continuum of technology necessary to deal with the creation, management, and delivery of cultural heritage content.

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