Prieto, F., Boulanger, P., Lepage, R., and Redarce, T. (2002). Automated inspection system using range data. International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA, 2557-2562 Washington, USA.

We propose an automated inspection system of manufactured parts using a cloud of SD measured points of a part provided by a range sensor, and its CAD model. Inspection consists in verifying the accuracy of a part related to a given set of tolerances. It is thus necessary that the SD measurements be accurate. In the SD capture of a part, several sources of error can alter the measured values. So, we have to And and model the most influent parameters affecting the accuracy of the range sensor in the digitalization process. This model is used to produce a sensing plan to acquire accurately the geometry of a part. By using the noise model, we introduce a dispersion value for each SD point acquired. This value of dispersion is shown as a weight factor in the inspection results.

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