J F Ramirez, E Mesa, P Boulanger and J W Branch (2011). Silicone-Rubber Indentation Simulation using Meshfree Method Based on Radial Basis Function. In 6th Canadian Student Conference on Biomedical Computing and Engineering, 5 pages, London, Ontario, Canada. May 2011. Robats Institute.

This paper presents a meshfree method to simulate the interaction between a rigid body and soft tissue. A simple orthogonal indentation on a prototype model with similar properties than biological soft tissue was simulated using Radial Point Interpolation Meshfree Method. The results were validated with an experiment, where the penetration forces and deformations were measured with high resolution position, force, and torque sensors. The measured results were then compared to a meshfree method simulation predictions from the point of view of force and global deformation accuracy. The results show the potential of the Meshfree method in predicting biological soft tissue deformations during tool-tissue interaction in surgical simulators.

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