R Taylor, G Schofield, J Shearer, J Wallace, P Wright, P Boulanger and P Olivier (2011). humanaquarium: Exploring Audience, Participation, and Interaction. In Proceedings of the 2011 Annual Conference on Human factors in Computing Systems (CHI '11), 6 pages, Vancouver. May 2011. ACM SIGCHI.

humanaquarium is a movable performance space designed to explore the dialogical relationship between artist and audience. Two musicians perform inside the cube-shaped box, collaborating with participants to cocreate an aesthetic audio-visual experience. The front wall of the humanaquarium is a touch-sensitive FTIR window. Max/MSP is used to translate the locations of touches on the window into control data, manipulating the tracking of software synthesizers and audio effects generated in Ableton Live, and influencing a Jitter visualization projected upon the rear wall of the cube.

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