Boulanger, P., Benitez, M., (2003) A Tele Immersive System for Collaborative Artistic Creation, AVIR Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, November, 12-20.

The main idea behind tele-immersive environment is to create an immersive virtual environment that connects artist across networks and enables them to interact not only with each other, but also with various other forms of shared digital data (video, 3D models, images, text, etc.). Tele-immersive environments may eventually replace current video and telephone conferencing, and enable a better and more intuitive way to communicate between people and computer systems. In order to accomplish this, participants to a meeting has to be represented digitally with a high degree of accuracy in order to keep a sense of immersion. For example, in a normal conference setting people talk to each other around a table with ease and without having to think which window to look at and which sound stream should be turned on or off. Tele-immersive environments should have the same îfeelî as a real meeting. Interactions among people should be natural.

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