Pham, M.T., Moreau, R., Jardin, A., Redarce, T., Boulanger, P., Dupuis, O. (2010) Design of Medical Simulators in Obstetrics. In Surgical Simulation and Training. Editor JL Huang. Nova Publisher ISBN 978-1-61668-437-2 (2010): Chapter 6, 35 pages.

This paper describes the approach which has led to the design of a childbirth simulator developed in collaboration with physicians of CHU Lyon Sud (South University Hospital Centre of Lyon). This anthropomorphic and dynamic simulator is equipped with 6D position sensors that make it possible to record numerical data in real-time, which is then used into a display interface. This system offers real-time visualization of the position of both the obstetric instruments and the patient's body from several viewpoints. This kind of simulators offers operators the possibility of viewing inside the patient's body, thereby making a manipulation inside the body visible. This helps the trainees to understand the correct gesture and for the instructors to check their knowledge.

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