Annett, M., Anderson, F., Goertzen, D., Halton, J., Ranson, Q., Bischof, W. F., and Boulanger, P. (2009). Using a Multi-touch Tabletop for Upper-Extremity Motor Rehabilitation. Proceedings of the 2009 OzChi Conference, 261 - 264.

Millions of people in Canada have physical disabilities that cause them pain and discomfort that directly affects their everyday activities. Many individuals with disabilities will enter into rehabilitation programs to improve their motor functioning and thus their quality of life. Currently, the activities and exercises that are routinely performed are monotonous and uninteresting, and do not inspire patients to perform to the best of their abilities. With these exercises, it can be very difficult for therapists to objectively measure and track patient progress. The integration of highly interactive and immersive technologies into rehabilitation programs has the potential to benefit both patients and therapists. We have developed a multi-touch tabletop system, the AIR Touch, which combines existing multi-touch technologies with a suite of new rehabilitation-centric applications. The AIR Touch was developed under the guidance of practicing occupational therapists.

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