Yang, X. D., Pourani, I., Boulanger, P., and Bischof, W. F. (2009). A Model for steering with haptic-force guidance. 12th IFIP conference on Human-Computer interaction (INTERACT 2009), Uppsala, Sweden, August 24-28, 465-478.

Trajectory-based tasks are common in many applications and have been widely studied. Recently, researchers have shown that even very simple tasks, such as selecting items from cascading menus, can benefit from haptic-force guidance. Furthermore, haptic guidance is of significant value in many applications such as medical training, handwriting learning, and for applications requiring precise manipulations. There are, however, only very few guiding principles for selecting parameters that are best suited for proper force guiding. In this paper, we present a model, derived from the steering law that, relates movement time to the essential components of a tunneling task in the presence of haptic-force guidance. Our results show that force-enhanced tunneling tasks can be precisely modeled using our model.

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