Bai, B., Yang, Y., Boulanger, P. and Harms, J.J.(2008). Symmetric Distributed Source Coding Using LDPC Code. IEEE International Conference on Communications, 6 pages, Beijing, China. May 2008.

Distributed source coding is a promising enabling technology for sensor network applications. Symmetric Distributed source coding can achieve the entire Slepian-Wolf rate region and offer sensor network applications a wide range of options to compress and transmit data. In this paper, we design a new symmetric distributed coding scheme that realize the benefits of both simplified code construction and bit incorrespondence handling. In particular, we propose a general scheme to deal with the bit incorrespondence problem, which is not specifically addressed by previous approaches. With the ability to deal with the bit incorrespondence in the code structure, it is more likely for our approach to be used in real sensor network environments.

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