Eliuk, S., Boulanger, P. (2008) Algorithmic Reconstruction of Broken Fragments, 36th Annual Journal on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, Budapest, Hungary.

Reconstruction of broken fragments is an extremely difficult task, mainly due to the high probability of missing pieces and the likelihood of erosion. This process is tedious and requires many hours to complete even for the experienced archaeologist. This paper describes some of the most successful fragment reconstruction algorithms and presents a new technique for reassembly. The technique relies on a simple reassembly algorithm which uses the Pearson Correlation Coefficient[8] to calculate the linear relation between two curvatures. The Pearson Coefficient calculation does not suffer from some of the apparent pitfalls of other algorithms such as being unaffected by weathering of objects and incomplete fragment sets. Using this new application of the Pearson coefficient we can help the experienced archaeologist reconstruct broken fragments.

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