Figueroa, P., Bischof, W. F., Boulanger, P., Hoover, J. H. and Taylor, R. (2008). An interaction technique markup language for retargeting of virtual reality applications, Presence, 17, 492-311.

This paper presents our research on the Interaction Techniques Markup Language (InTml). The main purpose of InTml is to support retargeting - finding ways to evolve and fit virtual reality (VR) applications over heterogeneous hardware platforms. Towards this goal, we have developed a hardware?independent, component-based, formal model that describes the execution of VR applications; an XML language for describing complex VR applications; a methodology for InTml-based development, a way to isolate and replace interaction techniques; and a set of tools for development support. This article describes these topics and states future directions of our research.

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