Moreau, R., Ochoa V., Pham, M.T., Boulanger P., Redarce T., and Dupuis, O. (2008). Evaluation of Obstetric Gestures: An Approach Based on the Curvature of Quaternions, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Pasadena Conference Center, Pasadena, CA, USA .

This paper presents a method to evaluate a gesture carried out by a resident obstetrician by comparing it to a gesture carried out by an expert obstetrician. The studied gesture is the forceps blade placement. Resident paths were recorded on a childbirth simulator while placing forceps blades instrumented with six degrees of freedom sensors. The path is characterized by the positions and the orientations. In this paper we particularly focus on the orientations. Forceps orientations are expressed in the quaternion unit space and the curvature of quaternion path is compared by correlation to a reference defined by an expert. Residents have been trained on a simulator and their gestures are evaluated by comparing their orientation path curvatures to reference path curvatures. Quantitative results confirm the qualitative analysis; residents become more similar to the reference while training on simulator.

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