Informal Online Works (e.g., ICCA articles and talk transcripts)

  • 1976 Canadian Computer Chess Workshop, T.A. Marsland, Firbush News (1976), Univ. of Edinburgh, 37-40.
  • A Study of Enhancements to the Alpha-Beta Algorithm, T.A. Marsland, Proceedings McGill Cognitive Science Workshop, Aug. 1982.
  • Albertan Ties for Second in World Championship!?, T.A. Marsland. In EN PASSANT, S. Ball (editor), Ottawa, Nov. 1983.
  • Blitz Blasts Best, T.A. Marsland, ICCA Journal, December 1984.
  • SARGON III, reviewed by T.A. Marsland, ICCA Journal, 1985.
  • Chess by Computer, T.A. Marsland, The Times Higher Education Supplement, 1986.
  • 6th World Micro-Computer Computer-Chess Championship Report, ICCA Journal 9(4), ?-?, 1986.
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  • Workshop report on "New Technologies for Chess", T.A. Marsland, ICCA Journal 12(1), 1989, p. 50.
  • A Short History of Computer Chess, Tony Marsland. In 1989 World Computer Chess Booklet, Edmonton, 6-9.
  • Anatomy of a Chess Program, T.A. Marsland. In 8th World Computer Chess Championship brochure, May 1995.
  • The Future of Computer Chess, T.A. Marsland, appearing in ICCA J, March 1996.
  • For partipants in ICCA events Experience is a Hard Teacher, T.A. Marsland, appearing in ICCA J, December 1996.

    Awit-Wita Computer Chess Archive

    The following is a series of informal notes from the archive about the Wita-Awit computer chess project.

  • A short history of Wita-Awit.

  • AWIT: A Selective Search Chess Program, T.A. Marsland, NACCC Description, circa 1980.

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