CMPUT 379 - Lecture Notes

Winter Term 2001

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The following notes are loosely based on the textbook: A. Silberschatz & P. Galvin, Operating Systems Concepts, Fifth Edition, Addison Wesley, 1998
The actual notes presented in class may differ slightly.

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The lecture notes are password protected.
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Course Outline
Main Modules (4 pages per sheet)
Overview PDF (9 sheets )
Processes PDF (7 sheets )
Synchronization PDF (11 sheets )
Interprocess Communication (IPC) PDF (6 sheets )
Scheduling PDF (7 sheets )
Deadlocks PDF (8 sheets )
Memory Management PDF (12 sheets )
Virtual Memory PDF (7 sheets )
File and Disk Management PDF (8 sheets )
Protection and Security PDF ( 4 sheets )
Real Time Systems PDF ( 6 sheets )

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