Regular Expressions, EOF (Lecture 25)

Students must re-confirm Final Examination Date: in B-10.
Each student may bring the following reference material:

1. The course C text (King or Kernighan and Ritchie)
2. One C++ book of choice.
3. One Unix reference, like Das.
4. Up to 12 sheets of personally produced notes based on lecture and lab materials. COPIES OF CLASS HANDOUTS OR ONLINE NOTES ARE NOT PERMITTED. These 12 sheets will be inspected by the proctor. If they do not meet the conditions specified they will be set aside.

Students MAY NOT bring
(a). Copies of previous examinations (of any kind)
(b). Copies of previous quizzes (of any kind)
(c). Notes with answers to previous examination or quiz questions.
The presence of any of these items with the student's possessions will be deemed a violation of the student code of behaviour. The materials accessible to the student may be reviewed by the exam proctor at any time during the course of the examination.

  • for example EOF detection mechanisms in C++
  • for outline of term's lectures