C++ Templates (Lecture 21)

  • Recommend that you do the remaining 3 labs 7, 8 and 9 in the next two weeks. They are all quite short and this will free up more time for other courses and for your final assignment.

    Background reading Deitel&Deitel Chapters 9-11 (Inheritance and Polymorphism)

    Current reading Deitel&Deitel, Chapter 12, templates.

    Other Interesting Links to C, C++ and UNIX Information This link also gives access to a source of frequently asked C++ questions, about points not covered in standard texts.
    The URL

  • C++-FAQs-Lite C++FAQs-lite is especially useful.

  • Press here for previous lecture #20 (postscript) and class hand out about Lec20/Stacks

  • Press here for slides #21 (postscript) about Lec21/Vstacks

  • Press here for slides #21 (Netscape) about Virtual Stacks and Templates (Lec21/Vstacks)

  • Virtual Stack Example

  • Overloaded String example

  • Virtual Stack Example Handout (postscript)

  • Overloaded String Example handout (postscript)

  • Press here for C/Unix memory allocation.

  • C++ Mark Green Notes on templates. Templates & Classes
  • Allen Supynuk's C++ and OOP Notes