Introduction to C+ +(Lecture 17)

  • Assignment 3 requires that you work in groups of 2 or 3 people. You must designate your groups, as directed in the assignment statement, by Friday 16 March.
  • Read King Chapter 19.
  • Buy the C++ book of your choice (e.g. Deitel and Deitel)

  • To check C syntax try the new program on ohaton:
    explain int* (*z(void)) [3];
    explain int* (*z[3]) (void);

    Also, King P. 411 provides a mechanism for decoding such declarations.

  • Press here for previous lecture #16
  • Press here for slides #17 (Basic concepts in C++ [netscape viewable])

  • Press here for Allen Supynuk's "C++ for C Programmers" Notes.

    This week in the labs you will get an introduction to C++ objects.